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Advancing In Mobility

The development of an effective and efficient public transportation system has direct impact on the successful urbanisation of a country. With worldwide populations expanding, the ability to move large numbers of people safely, quickly and efficiently becomes pivotal for economic development. In this aspect, ST Electronics is a pioneer in public transportation solutions, with an impeccable track record in providing a full suite of rail electronics solutions and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) that constantly sets the standards in technology, safety, efficiency and innovation.

We have equipped governments and organisations around the globe with comprehensive and integrated transportation, traffic and fleet management solutions that cover both road and rail. Our accomplishments in this field are attested by the number of turnkey projects we have completed successfully in Asia and Middle East, Europe and North and Latin America.

Intelligent Transportation and Telematics systems and solutions include:

  • Rail Electronics Solutions
  • Traffic Management Solutions
  • Fleet Management & Telematics Solutions
  • Airport Operations Management Solutions

ST Electronics’ intelligent transportation and telematics’ systems and solutions are provided through our Large-Scale Systems Group, and our subsidiaries - ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd and ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd.

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